Logo de la Garderie les petits chiens mignons

The home will be ready for your little treasure, it will be like is own home. No cage, free to go where he want. Two gazebos with nice furnitures, armchairs where he can rest in the shade when it's hot to avoid sun burn.

Your dog will make some friends. Our aim is your dog to be relax with no stress.

It could stay one day, week-end, week, or month.

It will have activities, box of toys, tube game, swimming pool dependent on the weather, walk and run. After cuddles with nice massage.

Meal will be serve individually with the food bring by his master, your dog will have his own diet.

Every day your dog will be brush, eyes clean.

He will be nice when mom and dad arrive.


During the time master are at work or others occupations. If you want we can send you on your email pictures of your dog, you will follow the activities during the day.